Sabrina Grossi
Contemporary painter

Sabrina Grossi born Venice in 1963, in 1981 she graduated as Master of Graphic Art at the State Institute of Art in Venice.
He then continued his artistic career by enrolling in the Academy of Fine Arts in Venice.

Today he lives and works in his city and continues his chromatic research in addition to an in-depth analysis of the material structure; inspired by his surroundings, his work despite having an abstract quality is figurative in nature.

It represents an instinctive and emotional reaction that we all have when we come across a certain situation for the first time. Looking at his works you will be attracted by a memory of the past while the material part brings you back to your current state. Ambiguous works that allow the viewer to decipher the details through their experiences.

He has exhibited in various exhibitions in the Italian and foreign artistic panorama, with personal exhibitions and participations in artistic movements, obtaining excellent results and critical acclaim.

Some of his works are present in public and private collections.

Since 2014 it has been present in the private collection of CA ‘Zanardi Venezia.





“In the vagueness of intuitive iconographies of landscapes and places evoked in thought, in the indecipherable trail of pigment that tangles on the canvas to trace decomposed segments of intimate memories, one senses the presence of an artist who of every journey, of every existential experience, every step taken, holds the potential energy, translates the curiosity of listening and storytelling.

The brush then wanders restlessly on the surface paraphrasing visual poems, now impressionist and then suddenly expressionist, now abstract and a moment later informal, ignoring the logic of the rational, like streams of consciousness organized in lyrical combinations, color changes, jousting of voids and floods, absences and presences where thought and vision merge, ignoring their respective boundaries, to recompose the heterogeneous mosaic of lived episodes.

Painting is therefore not contemplative but revelatory; by repeatedly loading and decreasing the tones, harmonizing the compositions in resolute chromatic games, combining the complementary ones and highlighting everything with overtones and ripples, with backgrounds and heavy overlaps, Sabrina Grossi leads us by the hand in the obsessive whirlpools of her research, offering us experiences that are not they merely satisfy an aesthetic need but rather to awaken dormant empathies. “

“Gaetano Salerno”